We have developed and have available for sale Berry Compliant polypropylene melt blown non-woven media that can be incorporated in N95 respirator masks. Media is made in the USA and can be delivered in less than four weeks.

The standard 24gsm media gives an excellent penetration efficiency and dirt holding test when measured on the industry standard TSI-8130A. It is available in slit rolls with widths from 4”/100mm and up. The media is ideally suited to be incorporated in a respirator design which then can be tested for NIOSH compliance. (42CFR Part 84).

The typical filtration configuration involves two layers of the PD-N-171 within the respirator.

This is one grade of media that is part of a family of charged media that is commonly used in PPE such as surgical face masks which are also available from Monadnock Non-Wovens.

Technical data sheet on PD-N-171 is available here.

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