Air Filtration Media

Our air filtration materials are crafted from the finest meltblown fibers, using FDA-approved polymers. Precision-engineered for optimal retention, pressure drop, and dirt holding capacity, our materials deliver outstanding performance in a variety of applications.
Utilizing the finest fiber meltblown with FDA-approved polymers, MNW’s Air Filtration Media is designed to give precise retention, pressure drop, and dirt holding. All media is quality tested in-house to a constant bubble point and penetration after calendering or uncalendered processing. Built to a strict specification and tolerance, Monadnock specializes in consistent quality and produces some of the finest fibers in the industry. Roll goods in various widths are exported worldwide.

Our Validation Guide is available on request.

Critical Properties

  • Fine fiber
  • Coarse fiber
  • Colors
  • Special additives
  • Electrostatically charged
  • P-mark media


  • FDA-approved polymers for safety and compliance.
  • Engineered for precise retention, pressure drop, and dirt holding capacity.
  • Consistent bubble point and penetration assessment.
  • Adheres to strict specifications and tolerances.
  • Offers roll goods in various widths.



Monadnock Air Filtration Media is made with Green-e certified renewable wind powered electricity.

Like all Monadnock polypropylene media, this filtration media is recyclable.

Build a Better World

You play a vital role when you choose our eco-friendly nonwovens. Explore the positive contributions to energy conservation, air quality, water preservation, and waste reduction.

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