Environmental Stewardship

At Monadnock Non-Wovens (MNW), sustainability is a fundamental value that guides our actions. 

Doing the Right Thing

Responsible investments in technology, processes, and products deliver value to our customers and our broader community. We believe in doing the right thing, not just for the environment, but for our customers, our community, and future generations. Our commitment to sustainability is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact that goes beyond words.

Renewable Energy at the Core

Our commitment to sustainability starts with how we power our operations. We proudly produce all our products with renewable wind-powered electricity. Through our substantial investment in Green-e certified renewable wind-powered energy certificates (RECs), we offset our entire electrical requirement while supporting the growth of new, clean electricity generation.

Energy Conservation

Renewable energy is only part of the equation. Reducing energy consumption is good for business and the environment.

Through the use of LED lighting in our facility we save about 115,000 KWh of electricity per year. 

We harvest waste heat from our production thus eliminating the need for facility heating except during times when we are down for periodic maintenance. This is particularly important during Mount Pocono winter months.

Reuse, Recycle

The largest volume of raw material we purchase is polypropylene (PP) resin to produce a variety of PP meltblown products.

One hundred percent of our PP waste is baled and sent to a recycler. The world needs to do more to capture this valuable commodity – today only about 1% of PP is recycled.

We also recycle wire, plastics, corrugated materials, and other valuable commodities.

Our actions result in an increased supply of recycled PP resin and a significant reduction in waste to landfill. 

Emission Reductions

Our sustainability journey is marked by tangible actions that drive real change. In partnership with Mount Pocono Development Corporation, we now have a rail spur right to our facility. Bringing raw materials into MNW via rail significantly increased our efficiency. It also resulted in significant reductions in fossil fuel consumption and emissions.  

Our journey towards sustainability is driven by our desire to make a lasting positive impact.

As we continue to explore process improvements and equipment upgrades, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future for our community, company, our industry, and our planet.