Hydrophilic Nonwoven Media

A virgin polypropylene meltblown material with fluid loving properties.

This is an ideal solution for moving fluids through a composite material used in personal and pet care products.

As a hydrophilic core, this soft, fine fiber nonwoven material with super-wicking performance provides an ideal solution for nursing pads and other personal hygiene and pet care products.

The surface remains dry as moisture is transferred through the composite material (or pad), away from the surface, for superior comfort and confidence during use.

Tensile strength and elongation properties are controlled for optimum handling and product performance.

Material may be made in a variety of pastel colors and is available in widths from 6″ to 69″.  Narrower widths may be accommodated – inquire with us for details. 

Other applications include: bed pads, puppy/pet pads, absorbent cores, and wicking layers. This material is launderable.

Demonstrating Performance

Moisture wicks rapidly, uniformly, fully, and efficiently in all directions – because of our micro-capillary fibers network. Competitive products on the market today that tout “thinness” and “super-absorbancy” do not wick – their structure tends to absorb fluid that turns to gel, eventually impeding performance.

Typical Properties 

  • Virgin Polypropylene Resin
  • Average range 30 – 32 gsm thickness
  • Tensile MD (lb/in) 3.0 – 4.0
  • Tensile CD (lb/in) 3.3 – 4.0
  • Elongation MD (%) 50 – 52
  • Elongation CD (%) 60 – 70
  • Sink Absorption (Seconds) < 8


  • Super-wicking for optimum moisture transfer
  • Versatile color options
  • Launderable for sustainability
  • Made with 100% renewable electricity
  • Recyclable



Monadnock Hydrophilic Media is made with 100 percent renewable electricity through the purchase of Green-e certified renewable wind power energy (RECs).

This product is recyclable.

Build a Better World

You play a vital role when you choose our eco-friendly nonwovens. Explore the positive contributions to energy conservation, air quality, water preservation, and waste reduction.

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