Sorbent Media

Monadnock Non-Wovens’ innovative Sorbent Media is designed to redefine fluid management in a wide range of applications. Our specialized materials are engineered to deliver superior absorbency, durability, and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for industries where fluid control is paramount.

Our Sorbent Media is meticulously crafted with precision and care. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, we have perfected the balance between absorbency and reliability.

Specializing in fine fiber and colored scrim layers used in a range of high-performance sorbent products using the properties of polypropylene to absorb oils and organic spills. The roll goods are used with other layers to meet a wide range of consumer needs.

Our Validation Guide is available on request.

Critical Properties 

  • Coarse fiber
  • Special additives
  • SM or SMS media
  • Wettable materials


  • Precision-engineered for superior fluid management.
  • Exceptional absorbency of various liquids, including oils and chemicals.
  • Durable and reliable performance, even when saturated.
  • Customizable solutions to meet specific application needs.
  • Versatile applications across multiple industries.


Monadnock Sorbent Media is made with Green-e certified renewable wind-powered electricity.

Like all Monadnock polypropylene media, these products are recyclable.

Build a Better World

You play a vital role when you choose our eco-friendly nonwovens. Explore the positive contributions to energy conservation, air quality, water preservation, and waste reduction.

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