Face Mask Media

Specialized media that redefines filtration and breathability in face masks. 

We offer a full line of charged polypropylene meltblown media to address the needs of NIOSH and ASTM respirator and surgical and dental type facemasks.

 Face masks made with our odor free pure polypropylene nonwoven fiber demonstrate excellent filtration and low-pressure drop offering excellent breathability.

Our wide meltblown lines and precise in-line slitting down to six inches offer improved yields improving cost per unit.  We can produce a basis weight range from 0.5 to 1 opsy. Additive hoppers give us the ability to add value with antimicrobials and colors for example.

Monadnock media are independently tested for BFE and PFE by Nelson Labs and trusted by professionals worldwide. We have TSI-8130 Automated Filter Media test units on site for both developmental work as well as reliable quality control.

We also can refer you to partner companies to assist with sourcing other needed nonwovens, elastics, nose wire, etc., for one stop shopping for your full production requirements.

Our Validation Guide is available on request.

Making Composite Materials

Monadnock media is widely used in three-ply face mask construction. There are several common grades which are incorporated in a mask to meet the FDA-defined BFE95, BFE98, and BFE99 efficiency.

The video shows the Monadnock melt blown filtration layer in the middle sandwiched between two outer layers that are typically a spun bond that adds strength and allows the mask to be folded to shape. Monadnock Non-Woven rolls are slit to width typically 175mm and can be supplied in rolls up to 40” diameter.

Critical Properties 

  • Fine fiber
  • Colors
  • Special additives
  • Electrostatically charged
  • Odor removal


  • Complies with FDA-defined BFE95, BFE98, and BFE99 efficiency.
  • Available in Black for added versatility.
  • Meticulously slitted and packaged to meet industry demands.
  • Crafted from odor-free pure polypropylene.
  • Offers excellent filtration efficiency.
  • Low-pressure drop for enhanced breathability.
  • Narrow slit widths down to 6 inches.
  • Basis weights in the 0.5 to 1 opsy range.
  • Provides blood resistance for added protection.


Monadnock Face Mask media is made with Green-e certified renewable wind powered electricity.

Like all Monadnock polypropylene media, this product is recyclable.

Build a Better World

You play a vital role when you choose our eco-friendly nonwovens. Explore the positive contributions to energy conservation, air quality, water preservation, and waste reduction.

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