Empowering Industries with Exceptional Nonwoven Solutions






Unlocking New Possibilities through Innovation, Expertise, and Quality

With over 25 years of melt blown nonwovens manufacturing expertise and a relentless commitment to innovation, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive success across a wide range of industries. From automotive to medical, filtration to industrial applications, our nonwoven fabrics consistently outperform, providing exceptional quality, durability, and efficiency.

From Pilot to Production:

Scaling Up with Unrivaled Expertise

We offer our customers the benefit of a fully equipped applications product development laboratory. With Monadnock you can turn your ideas into reality.

Sustainability as a Priority

We recognize the importance of sustainable practices. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through responsible sourcing, waste reduction, recycling, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Partnering with us means choosing nonwoven solutions that are both high-performing and environmentally responsible.

Unmatched Expertise, Innovative Solutions, and Superior Performance

Innovation is in our DNA. We continually push the boundaries of what nonwovens can achieve, developing groundbreaking materials that shape the future of industries. Our relentless pursuit of innovation allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge in the market.