HTAC™ Veil

ECTFE Apertured Veil

This binder free apertured veil is produced with meltblown ECTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) fluoropolymer resin.

HTAC Veil provides a corrosion barrier for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks, tankers, scrubbers, pipes, ducts, and stacks. 

Superior to other veils on the market, the benefits of HTAC Veil include very high chemical and abrasion resistance at high temperatures, and excellent fire retardancy (flame spread index of 0 per ASTM E-84).

Product characteristics include very high chemical resistance against strong acids, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and solvents.

With a high permeation resistance, it reduces blistering in hot concentrated hydrochloric acid. It has an apertured hole pattern of IPS-10 and is easy to inspect in a 100 mil FRP corrosion barrier.

HTAC Veil is easy to laminate and wet-out. It can be applied by both hand lay-up and roll/tape winding in an orthowinding or filament winding process.

Industries:  Semiconductor, Pulp & Papermaking, Water Treatment, Chemical Manufacturing

Critical Properties 

  • HTAC™ ECTFE Resin
  • pH Tolerance: 1 – 14
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Versatile Weight Options
  • Apertured Versions


  • HTAC™ technology significantly extends the performance and life of pipes, tankers, and vessels.
  • With a tolerance to pH 1-14, HTAC™ outperforms PVDF and PTFE, providing superior corrosion resistance.
  • HTAC™ is engineered to withstand high temperatures and fire exposure.
  • Available in a range of weights and apertured versions, offering flexibility for diverse applications.
  • Ideal for chloro-alkalis chemical processing, semiconductor fabrication, and pharmaceutical industries.

Case Study: Composites USA

HTAC™ Veil – Apertured ECTFE Meltblown media is effectively being used as a surfacing veil in specialized FRP ventilation system components. HTAC Veil will withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion and abrasion in ducting for semiconductor manufacturing.

The HTAC Veil 3.0 osy is specified and has been used by Composites USA, North East, MD, USA in the corrosion barrier of their Dual-Guard 2000 FRP ducting used in clean rooms of semiconductor plants.

This duct will withstand corrosive fumes and smoke exhausts and bears the Factory Mutual 4922 test approval #4B1A5.AM as a Non-Sprinkled smoke removal duct and the Factory Mutual 4910 test approval #3003307 as a Clean Room material.

In addition, the duct is listed by Underwriters Laboratories per U.L. 181 as a Class 1 Air Duct material report demonstrating compliance with the Uniform Building Code and the B.O.C.A. Code.

The use of the HTAC Veil and a phenolic resin not only gives the corrosion resistance, but also achieves a Flame Spread index of 5 and a Smoke Development of 10, per the ASTM E-84 tunnel test.


About Composites USA

Composites USA draws on four decades of experience as a recognized authority in the design and manufacture of a wide range of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) duct, pipe, tanks and equipment. Its products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance, meeting requirements of industry recognized agencies including Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), ASME and the U.S. Government. Go to Composites USA to learn more.


Case Study: Tankcon FRP, Quebec, Canada

An FRP demonstration tanker was fabricated in January, 2024 by Tankcon FRP, Blainville, Quebec, Canada. The tanker is five feet in diameter by 40 feet long. Fabrication was by hand layup.

After spraying the Derakane Signia 510C resin with a BPO-DMA cure on the mandrel, one layer of the HTAC Veil 3.0 osy was applied from a 50-inch-wide roll. Then a C-veil followed by two plies of ECR mat were applied to achieve a 110 mils corrosion barrier. Derakane Signia 510C resin with an MEKP cure was used for the structure. The finished FRP tank was postcured using hot air from a salamander heater to achieve the full curing.

This demo tanker is rented to Brentagg Distribution, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to haul a 20% sodium hypochlorite solution across North America. The tanker will be inspected at six-month intervals to evaluate the performance of the HTAC Veil 3.0 osy.


About Tankcon FRP

Tankcon FRP, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) DOT-412 transports. All units are hand crafted utilizing a proprietary FRP/Balsa core construction process. They provide the ultimate in compatibility and low maintenance when it comes to hauling highly corrosive acids, bleach, caustic, mixed acids, organics, and hazardous waste streams. TANKCON DOT-412’s are designed to provide at least 25 years of service in the most aggressive operations. With units in service since 1964, our proven design is far superior to rubber or FRP lined steel units or filament wound tanks. Go to Tankcon FRP to learn more.




Monadnock HTAC Veil is made with 100 percent renewable electricity through the purchase of Green-e certified renewable wind power energy (RECs).

This product is recyclable.

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You play a vital role when you choose our eco-friendly nonwovens. Explore the positive contributions to energy conservation, air quality, water preservation, and waste reduction.

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